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2018 Chinese decorative materials exhibition, zhengzhou, 2018

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Date from 2018-09-19 to 2019-03-23
City zhengzhou
Address zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.
Exhibition Hall zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.

 China zhengzhou international doors and Windows curtain wall exhibition.

The exhibition profile

The transformation of the construction mode of construction project with scientific and technological innovation is the high point of the development of building materials industry. And the visual representation of the high point is to meet the requirements of The Times to meet the requirements of energy saving, saving, saving and environmental friendly. It is now in an important period of transforming the development mode and promoting the overall transformation of the city.

Exhibition overview:

Venue: zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center, September 19, 2018, March 21, 2019.

Exhibition scale: 20,000 square meters standard booth: 1,000 professional audience: 30,000.

Exhibition content of zhengzhou construction fair · wardrobe exhibition.

Custom home, a whole wardrobe, cloakroom move the door, partition door, mobile booth, sliding doors, wardrobe system hardware fittings, sheet, coating and other auxiliary materials: woodworking machinery: product design software and software engineering, etc

Zhengzhou construction fair · doors and Windows exhibition.

Aluminium alloy door, Lv Mu composite Windows and doors, large sliding door, real wood door, solid wood composite door, sun room, ecological door, steel wood doors, steel doors and Windows, security door, security doors, fire doors, art glass doors, molded doors, window of model steel door, anti-mosquito screens, molded doors, partition doors, wood and plastic doors, folding doors, shutter doors, glass Mosaic wooden door, aluminum, doors and Windows accessories and machinery, complete sets of wooden door production and processing equipment: door auxiliary materials: wood, wood and plastic, polymer materials, sealing materials, industry new material sunshade system: the window class, Venetian blind, awning, shutters, inner shading system, technical fabrics and fabrics engineering drive and control system; Doors and doors: sliding doors, rolling doors, doors, revolving doors, garage doors, rolling gates, open doors, expansion doors, doors, door controls, sensors, etc.

Zhengzhou construction fair · sunshade exhibition.

Soft shutter shade, shade, Venetian blinds.

Windows, blinds.

Comprehensive, outdoor, smart home system.

Gate window and other accessories, sunshade, umbrella.

Window series: aluminum wood doors and Windows, pure wood Windows, wood aluminum composite Windows, aluminum doors and Windows, plastic steel Windows, steel Windows and various types of composite profiles.

Door series: automatic door, electric window, garage door, intelligent door control system (New)

Curtain wall series: glass curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, stone curtain wall.

Door and window curtain wall system: door and window hardware, curtain wall hardware, electric window, etc.

Skylight and ceiling series.

Pv series: photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic related components, photovoltaic materials, photovoltaic products, photovoltaic projects and systems, solar thermal utilization products, etc. (New)

All kinds of production, processing and installation machines: aluminum alloy, plastic steel and glass.

Steel structure and accessories.

Glass series: all kinds of building glass, glass processing equipment, building laminating, etc. (New)

All kinds of sunshade products and ventilation equipment: sheet or curtain, etc.

Adhesive series: resistant glue, silicone adhesive, adhesive, coating and other structural glue and sealing products, cleaning products.

Relevant industrial associations and service agencies.

Consultation and contact information:

Henan xinzhan exhibition co. LTD.

Exhibition address: zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.

Director: zhang han hand machine: 18201897428.

Zip code: 250100



Contact: zhang han.

Address: zhengzhou international convention and exhibition center.

Mobile phone:



QQ: 205646804

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