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2018 China Shanghai coating exhibition

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Date from 2018-07-18 to 2018-07-20
City Shanghai
Address Shanghai new international expo center
Exhibition Hall Shanghai new international expo center

 Exhibition time: July 18-20, 2018.

Venue: Shanghai new international expo center.

(no.2345, longyang road, pudong)

Exhibition scale: 150000 square meters (12 pavilions)

Organizer: Shanghai hyundai international exhibition co. LTD.

Shanghai construction materials industry association.

Ccpit construction industry branch integration.

Building committee

The exhibition to introduce

2018 Shanghai coatings show will be gathered from 30 countries/regions, is expected to more than 500 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 150000 square meters, has a coating show, ecological wall material, coating, silicon mud bath show exhibition show, really stone paint, adhesives. In 2017, Shanghai paint exhibition will be registered in Shanghai, and will continue to provide an exchange and trading platform for east China paint industry and related manufacturing industry, striving to promote the development of the industry. "Shanghai coatings show" has always been committed to bring global audiences across the production of coatings, printing ink raw materials, technology and manufacturing/packaging equipment and device, and in view of the current environmental regulation and energy efficiency requirements under the relevant solutions and management system. Visitors will benefit from the three-day exhibition, which brings together professional exhibitors from all over the world and provides an international purchasing and trading platform for the audience. Keep abreast of industry trends and policy trends to collect latest technology, product and market information. Participated in the technical exchange activities (including academic conferences, technical training courses and technical lectures) during the same period, to understand the challenges faced by the industry, and to strengthen interpersonal network and industry cognition.

The association hosts the Shanghai eco-coating and diatom mud fair in 2018.

Presentation content:

1. Architectural coating: interior wall coating, exterior wall coating, floor coating, waterproof coating, fire retardant coating, thermal insulation coating, anti-corrosion and anti-mold coating, roofing coating;

2. Wood coating: nitrocellulose coating, polyester high gloss wood paint, pure acid resin wood paint, wood preservative and protective coatings;

3. Special coating: fluorocarbon coating, powder coating, road marking paint, anti-paste coating, photovoltaic coating, UV coating, fluorescence coating, coil coating;

4. Raw materials: natural resins, synthetic resins, pigments, solvents, fillers, fillers and various additives;

5, chemical building materials: metope adornment material, adhesive tape, building ceramic tile adhesive, building stone adhesives, building plate adhesive, sealant, wallpaper glue, glue, glass installation with sealant caulking, interface agent, mortar interface treatment agent;

6. Equipment tools: package printing equipment, grinding machine, coating tools, production testing equipment, color mixing system and color card; , production/packaging equipment and device, large-scale production equipment and device, blender/mixer and high-speed dispersion machine, handling and packaging, material, charging and mixing/color mixing system, automation and internal management, filters, pumps, measuring instrument/weighing device, grinding machine, blender, mixer and its accessories, color dispersion machine, packaging and labeling machine, quality supervision, inspection and r&d with measuring and testing, suitable for the terminal application of resin and pigment/extruder/kneading machine, extrusion machine and other production equipment, ultraviolet ray and NIR curing powder coatings, three glycidyl ester melamine urea acid system, improve the dispersion force and application of solid solvent, used for temperature sensitive substrate powder coating, powder coating agent for polyester, metal effect

7. Production of various raw materials for paint, ink and adhesives.

8. Oil and fatty acids, natural/synthetic resins and intermediates, pigments, fillers, fillers and dyes, solvents and plasticizers, dryers, and functional auxiliaries *.

Functional materials, functional and smart coatings and printing ink, nanotechnology, thickening agent, surface active agent, pigment dispersing agent, emulsifier, crosslinking agent, defoaming agent/foam inhibitors, skinning agent, flow ping agent, bactericides, drier, stabilizing agent, wax, etc

9. UV/EB curing technology and products: raw materials: active diluent (monomer), low polymer, light initiator, pigment, auxiliary agent, etc.

Formula products: UV coating, UV ink, UV adhesives, printing plates, photoresist, printed circuit using UV ink, ink dry film, optical imaging, casting light, light, light sources and equipment such as graft, UV light source, electron beam equipment, light curing equipment, coating equipment, material performance testing instruments (coating, printing ink, adhesive), such as UV dosimeter, safety, health, environmental and other services

10, daily workshop management: waste water/waste/waste gas processing, packaging and waste water/waste/waste reduction, environmental protection and safety equipment, information technology, recycling, environmental protection, health and easy clean huo surface technology, all kinds of coating, printing ink and adhesive products

The association hosts the Shanghai eco-coating and diatom mud fair in 2018.

Booth fee:

Standard booth (3m * 3m) = 9m2.

Booth type international zone domestic area.

Standard booth USD 15800 RMB 12800.

Guangdi/m2 USD 1580 RMB 1280.

Advertising (exhibition catalogue: size: 210mm * 285mm) :

Seal: RMB 12,000 seal: RMB 10,000: RMB15,000 yuan ticket: 5,000 yuan / 10,000 yuan.

Internal page: RMB 6,000 gift bag advertising: 18,000 yuan /5000 (size: 295 * 410mm)

Booth application and arrangement.

The exhibitors carefully fill in? Application and contract? And stamp the official seal by fax or via email to the organizing committee.

Enterprises apply for confirmation, the organizing committee within one week will be the cost [50% (advance) or full] t/t or delivered to the organizing committee, the rest of the booth fee shall be paid before the exhibition opening day for a month.

Consultation and contact information.

Address: room 1701, east building, huaihai tower, 128 puan road, luwan district, Shanghai.

Mail editor: 201102

Telephone: 86-21-6493 0923.

Fax: 86-21-6493 0916.

Contact: miss li li.

Hand machine: 18217217783

QQ: 531306897


Contact: li li.

Address: Shanghai new international expo center.

Mobile phone:




QQ: 531306897

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