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Anyang Hengsheng Metallurgical Refractories Co.Ltd

Ferro Alloys, Ferro Silicon, Inoculants, Nodulizer, Silicon Carbide, Carbon Additive

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Company Brief
Anyang Hengsheng Metallurgical Refractories Co.,Ltd. is located in Qugou town, anyang city, Henan province, Qugou town is known as " The first town of ferroalloys in China ".
1.Metal Class
Silicon Metal;Silicon Metal powder; Calcium Metal(Calcium Metal granule,Calcium Metal turning;Calcium Metal wire;Calcium Metal stick);Electrolytic Manganese.
2.Ferro Alloy
Ferro Silicon Barium(FeSiBa);Calcium Silicon(CaSi);Ferro Silicon(FeSi);Rare earth Ferro Silicon(RE FeSi);Calcium Silicon Barium(CaSiBa);Silicon Aluminum Barium Calcium(SiAlBaCa);Silicon Carbon Alloy(SiC Alloy);Calcium Silicon Manganese(CaSiMn);
Aluminum Ferro Manganese(AlMn);Aluminum Manganese Calcium Alloy(AlMnCa);Ferrochrome(FeCr);Ferrochrome Nitride(FeCrN);Silicon Aluminum Barium(SiAlBa);Silicon Aluminum Calcium(SiAlCa);Silicon Aluminum Alloy(SiAl);Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer.
3.Casting Class
Ferro Silicon Magnesium nodulizer(FeSiMg);Ferro Silicon Zirconium inoculant(FeSiZr);Ferro Silicon Barium inoculant(FeSiBa);Ferro Silicon Al... [Detail]
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