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China 358 Mesh Fencing Co.

Anti-climb 358 Security Fence, 358 Welded Mesh Steel Fencing, 358 Electrical Substation Fencing, Prison Mesh Security Fence, Razor Type Barbed Wire Concertina, 358 Mesh Perimeter Fencing

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Company Brief
 Driven to be the best supplier of 358 mesh material, China 358 Welded Mesh Fencing Company focuses on products quality and customers' needs.
We manufacture and export 358 Mesh for maximum degree of security fencing uses in prison, electrical sub station, airport, nuclear establishments, computer center, research laboratories and warehouses, schools and retail areas. We offer various 358 series welded mesh, secure netting, guarding screen, fence panels, trellis and mesh fencings, also palisade fence, picket fencing and chain link fence as well as other wire fencing products.
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