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flame retardant yarn

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Product/Service: flame retatdant yarn  
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Address: China
Validity Period: 2018-10-03
Last Update: 2018-08-10
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 Flame-retardant yarn manufactured using the company's flame-retardant polyester staple fiber, or after spinning and twisting togetheragain. Products through the GB20286-2006 "toxic" and "smoke density" test, in line with national fire retardant standards a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of up to 32 or more.
Superior a) flame retardant and environmentally friendly
 from the fire self-extinguishing, does not continue to burn
 After repeated washing remains retardant properties
 no toxicity, no smoke when burned, non-irritating odor, is a green products
b) softer than ordinary polyester, higher color fastness
Textiles, fabrics, such as various types of luggage inside the building decoration materials oxford cloth
Home textiles, curtains (yarn), shade cloth, carpets, cushions, webbing and children's toys and other home textiles
Automotive interior fabrics, airplane, car seat fabrics and other interior decoration materials transport
Metallurgy, forestry, chemicals and other departments of the flame-retardant protective clothing
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