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Flame Retardant polyester fabric

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Product/Service: flame retardant fabric for curtain  
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Address: China
Validity Period: 2020-10-20
Last Update: 2020-05-03
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 Retardant polyester woven fabric used in the Company's production of organic phosphorus flame retardant monomer and polyester monomer retardant polyester chips produced by spinning, spinning and other technology to produce flame-retardant polyester filament, and (or ) staple fiber yarn as curtains and sofa fabrics, furniture and other decorative cloth fabric material to produce plain, twill, jacquard, chenille velvet various assortments, after bleaching or dyeing, dyed or printed from ʱ?? The fabric smooth, uniform, bright color, color fastness up to four.
Products flame retardant (washed 30 times test) reached GB8624, GB / T5454, GB / T5455, GA504-2004 standard B1 grade, flame retardant LOI> 33%. Up to US children's pajamas CFR1615 / 1616 standard, NFPA701 standards; British BS5438 standard; German DIN4102 standards; France M1 standards
Ingredients: 100% polyester permanent flame retardant (flame retardant polyester)
Width and structure: to OEM. According to customer demand.
Packing: package, plastic woven
From the fire self-extinguishing
Permanent flame retardant, resistant to washing. Retardant effect will not wash and the sun and weakened.
When burning, low smoke, non-toxic, non-irritating gases, environmental protection products
Soft, easy to color, high color fastness.
          Widely used in textiles hotels, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, high-end offices, exhibition halls, stadiums and other large public places.
           Train car ships and other transportation categories of textile products.
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