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The gas detector can work with any panel that can accept the switch signal

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Product/Service: Explosion proof H2 and all flammable gas detector 
Demand Quantity: 5000 
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Address: China
Validity Period: Longterm Validity
Last Update: 2020-12-28
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Gas detector AT0501AH
The gas detector can work with any panel that can accept the switch signal,For example, the input module and Non- addressable control pane.
Imported sensors, high accuracy, good stability, anti-toxic, anti-interference ability .
Automatic identification and protection and over- concentration sensor 
A sensor , short circuit, open circuit failure detection function automatically .
Sensor Modular design for easy calibration and replacement.
Single-chip digital acquisition and processing technology, automatic correction of sensor aging curve , ensuring a constant sensitivity .
 Use explosion-proof design, suitable for Class II atmosphere.
Monitoring Support: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas , alkanes, alkynes , alkenes and other flammable gases  Alcohols, ketones , benzene , gasoline and other flammable vapors of organic( VOC), H2(ppm)
 Sensor Type: Catalytic /Electro-chemical / Infrared combustion
 Sampling methods: Diffusion sampling
 Measurement Accuracy: ±5%F.S
Operating Voltage: DC14V-35V
 Power consumption: ≤1.5W(DC24V)
 Signal transmission: Passive switch signal
Aalrm output: Passive normally open signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V
 Fault output: Passive normally closed signal,Contact capacity1A/DC24V
 Environment: Temperature:-40-70
 Humidity:10%-93%RH(No condensation)
 Protection class  IP65
 Ex Mark: ExdIICT6
 Body Material: Aluminum
 Size: 70mm×110mm×155mm
 Weight: 0.9kg
Installation: Wall- style , top style , wearing tube
Outlet hole connecting thread: G1/2;Thread

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