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Automotive Radiator Silicone Hose

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Product/Service: Automotive Radiator Silicone Hose 
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 Automotive Radiator Silicone Hose

Fbyco silicone hoses are mostly reinforced by polyesters or Nomex (aramid), or lined by fluoro to improve their properties in respects of heat resistance and pressure. They often be found in factories, marines, automobiles such as passenger cars, light trucks and professional race cars, etc.It is very effective for carryings air, water, coolant, or be sprayed by small amount of oil mist. It is often be found in vehicle cooling systems like cold sides of intercooler air hoses, and general industrial applications with in the temperature of -50°C to +170°C.

  • 15 Degree Elbow

  • 45 Degree Elbow

  • 60 Degree Elbow

  • 90 Degree Elbow

  • 120 Degree Elbow

  • 135 Degree Elbow

  • 180 Degree Elbow

  • 45 Degree Reducer

  • 90 Degree Reducer

  • 135 Degree Reducer

  • Straight Length Silicone Hose

  • Vacuum Silicone Hose

  • Braided Silicone Hose

  • Hump Silicone Hose

  • T Shape Silicone Hose

  • Car Kits

  • Features:
    It is especially used in turbocharger, hot side intercooler hoses and EGR connectors, where other hoses fail.Although the two silicone hoses have good performance at extreme temperatures, they are not compatible with oils and fuel. However, silicone hoses lined by Fluoro are especially designed for carrying oil. It prevents oil seepage through the hose wall, which can lead to swelling and damaging to the hose.

    Why customers choose Fbyco hoses:

  • 1 Buy direct from Silicone Hose Manufacturer

  • 2 All our Silicone Hoses have an inner liner for better performance and quality,

  • 3 Hand built with best quality material

  • 4 We are not re-sellers of poor quality hoses (we make our own)

  • 5 Any size hose can be made

  • 6 One day manufacturing upto 10 000 pieces

  • 7 Knowledgeable, efficient service & competitive prices

  • 8 Trade, Wholesale and Retail available on all product

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