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Perforated Copper Mesh

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Product/Service: Perforated Copper Mesh 
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Last Update: 2021-08-16
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Product detailed description
 Red metals refer to Copper and copper alloy metals ( brass and bronze), with reddish metallic color. Copper is a pure metal, brass is copper and zinc alloy, bronze is a copper + tin alloy.

We export perforated sheets to Poland, USA, Dubai, India, Canada and other countries.

We offer sheets perforation process and cutting, bending, notching, anodizing, painting and other further fabrication services.

We offer precise cutting of the prepared sheets according to size or drawing:
Sheets / plates available in sizes of 158mm x 100mm, 15"x15", 4' x 8', 2mx1m, 30cmx30cm,400x60 mm, 36'' x 40'', 1250mm x 2500mm, or custom cut size per customers requirements.

General Ranges of Perforated Metal Sheets:
Hole Type of perforation: Round hole, oblong hole, square hole, decorative.
Hole size: 0.5mm to 30.00mm
Plate thickness: 0.3mm to 4.00mm
Material: Copper, Brass, Bronze, Mild Steel, Galvanized, SS 316, SS304, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium.

Our capacity and capability are as given below:

Perforated Copper Sheets

ETP copper perforated sheet, decorative facade mesh panels
Grade: ETP Copper (99.99%)
thickness: 0.8mm
sheet size: 158mm x 100mm
hole dia: 1mm
pitch : 3mm

Expanded Copper Mesh Sheets

Diamond hole expanded copper mesh foil
0.05mm thin film of expanded copper metal foil
Foil thickness: 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm and 0.15 mm
Opening 0.8 mm x 1 mm

Flattened Copper Expanded Diamond Mesh

¾" opening in a diamond pattern for building wall cladding and decoration
Decorative copper mesh sheet cladding, diamond pattern, expanded

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